Why Sugarflick

We love what we do

We are great at removing your body hair, as we remove hair all day, everyday and we have been doing this for over a decade. We specialise in intimate hair removal for both men and women. Over the years we have seen a huge influx of new products to remove our unwanted hair, with home laser kits, better creams, fancy razors, home waxing strips and more, but sugaring removes hair from the root and getting a professional to do it really is worth it.

We know our products well

Our brazilian/hollywood sugar paste is made especially for us, it took nearly a year to develop this paste,  to accommodate our hand temperature and our environment. We feel sugaring is great for your “downstairs”, and as it’s water soluble, it just wipes away.  Sugar paste is a natural product.

We are trained & experienced

  • Sukar/ Nagwa Trading Company, Leeds – training (female)
  • Axiombodyworks, Basingstoke – training (male & female)
  • Sean Miller, Urban x-it, Soho London – experience (male & female)
  • HIVE, Intimate Female Hair Removal – training (female)
  • Sugaring4Men, Brighton – training (male)
  • Established in 2005, at 75 Bedford Place for over 7 years

We treat you as an individual not a number

We know how hard it can be to even make an appointment as some people are really shy, please note that we get booked up well in advance. NB our books are currently closed for new referrals.
If we have never met you before please be assured that we will do everything possible to put you at ease.

We are not a typical salon

We do not have an open waiting room, as we are aware that some clients are not comfortable making a new booking, or discussing their next treatment with an audience.  Some clients may even wish to discuss something personal and we always aim to provide the opportunity and space for clients to do so.

Your appointment time is “your” time, so if the next client is early they may have to wait outside in the hall.  Most clients know our set up and it’s your space so we lock our doors to prevent any delivery man just barging in!  We do have a “do not disturb” sign on our door requesting to “please respect the client before”.  If our reception door is open, of course you can come straight in and wait but if it’s closed, it’s because we are still with our client.

We have 24 hour CCTV recording in all public areas of our building and this also monitors the back and front parts of our building.

We have a “see inside” on google maps now

Have a little peek on google maps where you can our fabulous rooms.

We care what you think

We will always take time to make sure you are happy with your treatment.  If it is your first time with us, we always make sure you have enough time to complete a consultation form and show you how we operate.   We do not want you to feel awkward or intimidated. We are very grateful to our lovely clients for all their feedback over the years.

We like to help

We send out complimentary email reminders, one when your appointment is booked and one the night before.   Please do let us know if you change your email address.

We send you aftercare before you come in

We always send our clients an email attaching a PDF of all the do’s and dont’s before and after your hair has been removed.

We can give you handy parking tips, did you know some parking is free in the area?

We can, if requested, send you a PDF of all the surrounding parking, links for maps and we can keep you updated of road works, closed roads, accidents or football fixtures, so you don’t get caught in any footy traffic.  Please ask if you would like any parking information.  In 2014 the Council announced free parking and we were able to email all our clients.  During the Christmas of 2014 the Council announced free parking areas on certain days of the week after 3pm, we will let everyone know if they do so again but sadly they have never repeated the gesture.

We feel we are the best for miles

We are the only professional body sugaring practitioners in Hampshire with years of experience in intimate hair removal. We have many years of fabulous feedback on our site which can be read here