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To tweeze or not to tweeze 8th Nov 2022

How many of you have tried this at home, standing in front of a mirror, fighting for good lighting, tugging at a hair with some tweezers, and it snaps? Or you can hardly see it because it is so so short as it broke off yesterday when you had a go! Ok, so times that by 5 or 10 attempts and you’ll end up with lots of wee black dots, then over time the skin grows over them and they look like blackheads. You try to get them out and the result is you end up looking like a 12-year-old with extreme acne. Why would you put yourself through that?

It is time to try something quicker, more gentle, that is natural, not expensive and one that works, it really does.

How can we say this with such confidence? Because for over 15 years we have been pulling out body hair from the face down with sugar and we have seen many ladies with hair blackheads, ie snapped off hair from home attempts. STOP RIGHT NOW, you do not have to keep this up.

In lockdown, we felt it was a good time to share our knowledge and we got to work. The Top Lip Kit means you don’t have to put yourself through time-wasting methods that don’t work, cause you pain, or that make your skin red, or frankly just leave you feeling down in the dumps.

For less than £15 you can own a full kit and you can smile again. Full tutorial is free to download – the instructions were put together by professionals with many years of experience.

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