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Make no bones about it! 17th Apr 2024

Tractor in a field of sugar beet in Norfolk used to make Sugarflick sugar

We can guarantee no animals are in our sugar pastes.

We did not want to use a product that had used animals in it’s process, plus of course, to get Leaping Bunny status, this would have been a no-no, so we use British sugar and it is made from sugar beet. Why? because sugar beet sugar doesn’t need bone char when it is being made, who knew?

We are living in an age where we care much more about what goes into things and our planet. All of us at Sugarflick care too of course and sugarcane sugar is often made white by using bone char, so as British sugar beet sugar doesn’t need bone char, then there’s no bones about it, it’s animal-free. It is worth noting that there are no bones left in that kind of sugar but animal bones are involved in its process.

White table sugar can come from two plants: sugarcane or sugar beets. But when you buy a bag of sugar, you usually can’t tell which plant it came from. That’s because both sugarcane and sugar beets make the same kind of sugar. It’s called sucrose, and it’s what makes sugar sweet.

Sucrose is found in nature in things like honey, dates, and sap from sugar maple trees. But sugarcane and sugar beets have the most of it. When sugar is made, it goes through a process to make it pure and white. During this process, it doesn’t matter which plant it came from. The important thing is getting the sucrose out of the plant and animals do not have to be involved!


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