Ladies Facial Hair Removal Kit

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18 years of experience in your kit 14th Dec 2023

Fee holding TLK box

Made by an experienced sugaring practitioner

Found on many “great deal” websites, the hair removal market is pretty saturated. This also means the market is swamped with 1000’s of kits and tricks on “good deal” websites, tempting us to “buy and try”.

Having started Sugarflick in Southampton over 18 years ago, I have tried many sugar pastes and kits myself. I did settle on one paste I loved and in lockdown, I managed to purchase that recipe and started to make my own hair removal paste, one such recipe can be found in our top lip kit.

I use many pastes at Sugarflkick to remove hair from intimate areas. This means the sugar paste has been developed with years of experience, to remove unwanted facial hair, easily and effectively and this sugar paste, or sugar wax as some like to call it, has been developed specifically for sensitive skin.

It it not made in a factory, not shipped in from a overseas, but hand-made by me, Fee, in Southampton.

This little pot does a lot and is perfect for removing hair from…

With long-lasting results, little or no redness, this kit will also boost your confidence. There are clear, easy-to-follow instructions inside, which is also available to download from the website, plus! a YouTube video can be found on our website, you can be hair-free in minutes.

You can do this, be the boss of your own hair removal, with your very own salon in a box!

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