Ladies Facial Hair Removal Kit

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A cost-effective, easy to use home kit 14th Dec 2023

Fee holding TLK box

Made by Fee from Sugarflick in Southampton, a sugaring practitioner with many years experience of pulling out hair. Fee now uses her own paste, one of which you will find in this kit. Fee has developed a convenient and cost-effective way to remove your unwanted facial hair, at home, easily and effectively and it has been developed specifically for sensitive skin.

This little pot does a lot and is perfect for:

Why waste time and money on products that leave you red-faced or that do not even work? Get long-lasting results, and be left with smooth skin, with little or no redness. Feel confident and ready for your day. Clear, easy-to-follow instructions, hair-free in minutes.

Fear not – you can do this with your very own salon in a box – and it works.

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