Ladies Facial Hair Removal Kit

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Avoid hair blackheads 5th Feb 2023

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Ever been left with tiny black dots under your chin after home tweezering?

Removing hair from under the chin is often hard to reach & hard to see, hair can break off, hair follicles can be damaged & small black dots are often formed.

The skin can grow over and worse, if you don’t moisturise or exfoliate they can become embedded. You then attempt to gouge out the culprit with a tweezer or a needle ~ yep, hands up who has tried this? And you end up with skin looking like a pinboard.

You may find yourself sitting on a bus, standing in a supermarket queue, or sitting at your desk, constantly stroking & playing with the menace. Whether it is chin hair or top lip hair, this little kit is a great solution and all the above can be avoided.

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