Cruelty Free – or is it?

published on February 24th 2023

Did you know that some of the “cruelty-free” bunny logos are not legit? and were created by the brands themselves, so it is likely that they may still be testing on animals? Do you know what all the bunny logos on your cosmetics, personal care, and household products actually mean? I was reading an articleRead More

Vegan and cruelty free

published on February 16th 2023

but who knows the difference between vegan and cruelty-free! “Cruelty-free” and “vegan” are two related but distinct terms used in the context of animal welfare and ethics. “Cruelty-free” typically refers to products that have not been tested on animals. This means that the products and their ingredients were not tested on animals during any stageRead More

Linktree – find all you need in one place

published on January 16th 2023

All information needed in one place Sugaring in Southampton, need to know more! We have made it easy for you to navigate where you need to go. Wish to know more about Sugaring, or our product, The Top Lip Kit all can be found in our Linktree. Find all our links such as Instagram, YouTube,Read More

Sugarflick code for 15% OBVS skin care

published on January 17th 2023

Who and what is Obvs? Organic | Biodegradable | Vegan | Sustainable | Skincare – OBVS Obvs skincare has been formulated by Sian Louise. At Sugarflick we love using their skincare products and we love that Sian is a small business like us, and Sian is from ‘ampshire. The products are extremely effective and suitable forRead More

Are you tempted to have a brazilian or hollywood, but still not sure? why not try this!

published on October 6th 2022

The Beginners Brazilian Hair removal in our nether regions is still a big fear for many. Once people try sugaring they never look back but with the financial crisis and not feeling sure, we are now offering a treatment that may interest some of you slightly nervous ladies. You will not be pulling a faceRead More