Remove chin, top lip, toe & feet hair, with our fabulous Top Lip Kit – perfect for sensitive skin

published on July 16th 2022

Want to learn from professionals? Learn how to quickly & easily remove top lip & chin hair, save £’s & bags of time Now you can book a 1 to 1 with Fee for £38 and take a kit home with some extra bits! Book on line now… Get to grips & learn tips fromRead More

Ingrowing hairs, is sugaring a better solution?

published on January 4th 2023

We often get asked about ingrown hairs and whether this be a better solution for them. You will not believe how many clients mention this after sugaring. We cannot guarantee that you will never get any ingrowing hairs, however many of our clients find that sugaring causes less ingrowing hair or none at all. ManyRead More

Are you tempted to try Sugaring downstairs but still not sure? then why not try this!

published on October 6th 2022

The Beginners Brazilian Hair removal in the nether regions is still a big fear for many. Once people try sugaring they never look back but with the financial crisis and not feeling sure, we are now offering a treatment that may interest some of you scaredy cats. Some ladies have a zip before they takeRead More