Sugarflick is the only place i would consider going to do my intimate sugaring.
The product is natural and Fi the owner has is made bespoke. My skin is only soft not sore after treatment and the pain during treatment is very minimal.
Fi is professional and also very friendly as are all her therapists which is a great help and makes you feel at ease especially considering the area i have treated. I wouldn’t hesitate to recomend Sugarfkick to any friends, family or colleagues. A special mention goes out to Jade and Kelly too who are a credit to this salon.
Best wishes

Anita Jones

Fantastic service here :). Everybody is clearly very skilled and they do a careful and extremely thorough job. They never rush you to fit other people in, and it’s obvious that they care about the comfort of their customers. Always nice to have a chat with Fee, who is really friendly and welcoming. Sugarflick gets a 10/10 from me :).


The guys at Sugarflick are doing an immaculate job! I am always super happy with the results which are very professionally done. Love the chat during the treatment and always excited to come back. Thanks a lot!


I had my first appointment with Jade last week, she’s fantastically friendly and immediately put me at ease. The treatment was pain free and no recovery time! So impressed. Makes such a difference to feel ‘all tidy!’ Thanks to Jade and Sugarflick!


The best place ever! After going to various places,Sugarflick’s is by far the best. I currently live over 80 miles from Southampton and still travel to see fee. I wouldn’t go anywhere else but here. 5* is not enough, exceptional service


So happy to find a meticulous therapist who has a GSOH and makes you feel totally at ease.
Maintains some level of dignity to the procedure unlike other places I’ve been, and I’ve had the least skin reaction here (no reaction at all) Vs other places. Hopefully the start of a long happy relationship 🙂

Eleanor J

Very nice result and minimal redness despite my sensitive skin. Such a friendly and welcoming place, very cosy and instantly felt comfortable! The service was incredible and had an amazing time chatting throughout the waxing procedure, would recommend to anyone!


I’ve been using surgaring for quite a while as I’m allergic to wax and it’s hard to find places that do it. This is the first time I’ve managed to get into Sugarflick and I can see why it’s so popular. A lovely, warm welcome from Fee and diligent work by Kelly. Very pleased with the end results. I will be back but I wish there was a branch nearer to home.

Colette P

The ladies at Sugarflick are incredibly welcoming and so friendly. Not only was I made to feel so comfortable and at ease, the service is amazing. Hardly any pain at all, I was kept informed of what was going on, and the end result is better than I thought it would be. I have quite sensitive skin, and while the skin was slightly red at first, my skin feels better than before. Definitely a regular customer from now on!


Fee made me feel so relaxed and calm as I was very anxious having a hollywood (solo) treatment for the first time. Afterwards there was no reaction or redness, all was great. She made me feel so comfortable and I will definitely be back again.