Will never wax again, best hair removal I have ever had, even have to put back my apt. because hair had not come back. Great service,Fee is really friendly and so good at her job


Im converted!! Waxing is a thing of the past. Im really pleased with the results, no redness, and its so clean and smooth.Hardly any regrowth after 3 weeks, im definately going to keep the sugarball experience up. Such a lovely, friendly atmosphere and certainly not as painful as waxing. HIghly recommended. F


After going to Sugarflick I much prefer sugaring to waxing – no sticky residue and no redness/soreness afterwards. It’s also a less painful than waxing (and I’m a wimp). It also helps that Fee is really friendly and puts you at your ease. Thanks!


I have been having sugaring done elsewhere for some time, but my hair always grew back with the same intensity. However, I now find that I remain smoother for longer and the bsc makes a tremendous difference.


To say the least i am a challenge to wax lol but the sugar ball did a great job and i was very happy with the results. It was alot quicker than waxing and i will definatly be going back!


What a marvelous way to spend a cold winter’s afternoon, in the warm treatment room and hands of one caring lady. Fee is down to earth, full of light-hearted chat and has a caring and soothing approach to hair removal that I hadn’t experienced elsewhere. Thanks Fee! I shall be back.


amazing finish!! it was so smooth and hair free! the ones that are usually left behind were tackled well with the sugar ball!


The modern and stylish salon was matched by the professional and friendly care. All the rumors about pain aren’t true and the redness was gone in a couple of hours! I was so nervous before treatment but now I know that there really is nothing to be nervous about!!


I had shaved my chest before this a few times and even shaved my back once! (don’t try this yourself, it’s well hard to do! lol) – Well NEVER again! Why would I shave after this? After all nothing compares to Fee’s sugar waxing; the finish is amazing, it lasts much longer before you see any re-growth and also with less actual re-growth occuring afterwards. So far I have started with Fee sugar waxing my chest and back, but now I am really thinking to try a ‘whole lot more’ of me and soon! Because Fee really knows what she is doing! Its very good value for money and a professional job is done.


Excellent service, no sticky residue as in waxing,I had legs, bikini( and had a lot more taken off than I would dare with waxing!) and under arms. No stray hairs left anywhere and the straightest, neatest brazilian line I have ever seen. I will not use anyone else, Superb!