published on March 30th 2016

I’m never going to shave again!!!

I have been seeing Fee now for approximately 6 months… I had previously been a regular shaver – shaving had become a chore with results that were not even lasting 48 hours. Since meeting Fee, my life has genuinely changed for the better. Having extremely sensitive skin, I was extremely anxious. I was also feeling nervous given that I had never had any type of bikini line treatment. Fee’s amazing sense of humour, gentle nature and patience helped me to relax almost instantly. After only my second visit to Sugarflick I stopped fretting about my appointments – by continuing to see Fee every 6 weeks and not shaving at all in between the pain has almost disappeared. I now look forward to my appointments – these days they are more of a social event catching up with Fee. I certainly do not miss the several times a week chore of shaving and I am over the moon with the results from sugaring!

Fee, thank-you just doesn’t seem enough!

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