published on July 12th 2014

I’ve been going to Sugarflick for a Brazilian for 3 years and will never go anywhere else.  After suffering with allergic reactions and soreness for several days from wax treatments at different salons I decided to try sugaring because all the ingredients are natural and I was immediately so pleased with the results!  The removal of the hair is much less painful than waxing and is so thorough.  It also lasts a lot longer than waxing.  I have not suffered with any side effects in the 3 years I have been visiting the salon and find there is no discomfort and an hour or two after a treatment the redness has completely disappeared.  All the staff at Sugarflick do a professional job and are clearly very experienced. I have never been in any doubt about their superior skills in removing hair from intimate areas, with experienced staff and an excellent service.  The salon is spotlessly clean, tidy, well lit and I have and still do recommend to friends and family.

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