published on May 30th 2013

When I was desperately looking for a beautician to get my hair removal done (The Solo one, as Fee says) I have come across Sugar flick. From then I only get the Solo cleanliness from Sugar flick. I would say sugaring is definitely less painful than waxing (I have tried both) and Fee has her own techniques of doing it quicker, smarter and much cleaner. Also, because she is very chatty like me, you will not feel embarrassed and also it makes it less painful. Fee is very professional in managing her appointments and clients. She books slots for each client generously in terms of time so that you don’t have people before and after your appointment which I really appreciate that you are not under rush. Also, as she mentions in the website, that clean is super clean and not leaving any bits undone which is the top most reason I love to get my sugaring done at Fee’s. Also, she is not ready to compromise on the quality of work even if you are. She will do her job perfectly and also gives you tips for after care with some balms . 100% worth trying if you are looking for one!

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