published on January 8th 2011

For those who are a bit unsure of whether to take the first step and get Sugared – I first tried Sugarflick last month and was so impressed with the professionalism and amazing results that I returned for more dehairing :) I can honestly say that after spending years shaving that I will never go back after seeing the amazing results of sugaring! I was told being a shaver meant the hairs would be stronger and more difficult to get out so after expecting a painful treatment I was pleasantly suprised to find that it didnt hurt like I had expected at all – the second time is even better and the results are fantastic! Another advantage of Sugaflick are the discounted combinations you can get! I had a Hollywood, Under Arm and Legs done and will definitely be returning again and recommend to anyone who is considering this but still not sure to just go for it and book an appointment, make it your new years resolution to convert to Sugaring you wont be disappointed!

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