Male clients

What a fantastic and professional service. I had a personalised mens “light t shirt” sugaring undertaken by the wonderful Jade, who carried out her work expertly and compassionately as well as providing fascinating conversation. I also received a kind welcome within the beautiful practice from the owner Fee, who had previously informed me of the process and imparted her knowledge regarding the handmade sugar mixture that is bone char free, ensuring the process was #vegan friendly and
#cruelty free : )

Mr L T

Wonderful treatments as always in a very relaxed atmosphere. Both Fee and Jade are absolute professionals and such amazing people. Sugarwaxing with the people at Sugarflick is a must and I recommend it to anyone!


Totally awesome service. Fee makes you feel completely at ease and it is genuinely quite comfortable compared to waxing. Not saying it doesn’t smart a little, but I wouldn’t say it was actually painful. Have already booked my next two appointments and would recommend to anyone.


As a slightly older and first time male I was somewhat nervous about the treatment, but I need not have worried. Fee was charming and made me feel very comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process. I have now booked my second appointment and it certainly looks like I will be a long-term client. Thank you very much indeed.


Fee was great. Extremely friendly and puts you at ease. Aftercare advice was really good too. I would recommend Sugarflick to anyone.


Sugarflick rescued me in my hour of need, or should that be the consequences of shaving my chest! If you’ve ever been tempted to shave said area, DON’T. Instead, book a sugaring appointment with Fee or one of her ladies. You won’t regret it.


What a find Sugarflick was, I went from a Silverback to smooth in no time at all. Fee is great she chats away which takes your mind off whats happening behind you!! No more waxing for me, sugaring is the way forward and Sugarflick is the place to go with Fee or any of her girls. Go on make the booking you’ll just be hairy if you don’t.


I’ve been a happy Sugarflick client for almost a year and my only regret is not finding this place any sooner! Hadn’t tried any form of waxing before this so I had some concerns the first time around. However, Fee couldn’t have done any more to make me feel at ease and the results were exactly what I wanted. I’ve had treatment from all the staff and they’re all fantastic. A reliable, professional service – you won’t find any better!!


Just like to say what a fantastic job Fee did on me,I’ve had waxing before but now will only have sugaring.So if you are worried don’t be,it is a lot less painful,and Fee will look after you.
My wife had treatments as well and like me she was well pleased with Mary. So we have both booked a return visit,cannot say fairer than that.


Excellent !