Female clients

Fee is absolutely fabulous – what a warm and welcoming lady in a fantastic salon. I had the TLK lesson and Fee talked me through each step, advising the best techniques to use. As part of the lesson, you get to take away your own mega cute pot of sugar paste/accessories needed. Thanks so much Fee. Highly recommended.


Brilliant and spotless, funky room and funny people. Who would have thought you would be laughing so much in a salon having your down below sorted out. I have booked my next 2 before I left as I prefer peak times and Tree said they go fast.


All I can say is both Fee and Tree are amazing!!

I have never been waxed before and they made me feel so comfortable for my first time! I had researched them before and chose them due to their reviews and my goodness do they live up to them! For some context I was a shaver and decided to stop shaving 3 months ago because I wanted to wax… it got a little crazy down there, I finally plucked up the guts and I am never touching a razor again. It wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be, I was talking and smiling all the way through! My hair was very course due to shaving but even with that they were very thorough! I’ve got my next appointment booked already, Don’t think just book you won’t regret it!

Massive thank you! Xx


I have been coming to Sugarflick for nearly 6 years now and I’d never go anywhere else. Fee and Tree are both amazing, they make you feel so comfortable and seeing them is like seeing an old friend. The results are always amazing and long-lasting. Can’t recommend them enough!


Sugarflick staff really care about people and make you feel so comfortable. After years of waxing, sugaring is so much better, it has changed my life and saved me a lot of money as I do not have to go in often whereas I did with waxing. Sugaring gives amazing and long-lasting results and now I find it totally painless! You will not regret choosing this place, plus I pay a lower price as I am a loyal client.


I have had treatments with both Fee and Tree, firstly they are so lovely to chat to and distract from what’s going on but secondly it doesn’t even hurt! After years of dreading waxing, sugaring has changed me and I don’t even think twice about coming to Sugarflick. Amazing results and basically painless! Wouldn’t go anywhere else now!


I’ve been going here 8 years now and am never disappointed. I do usually see Fee but unfortunately, she was in hospital so I have been seeing Tree. Fee you have trained her so well I am happy to see Tree anytime. I have been spoilt seeing just you Fee so thank you from a loyal customer. I cannot recommend this place enough.


I’ve been going to sugarflick for around 3 years now and have always been so impressed with the treatments and how friendly the staff are. Newest practitioner Tree is great, very friendly, thorough and always ensuring that you’re comfortable throughout your treatment.


I have been with sugarflick for over 11 years. I recently got a treatment with tree first time having a solo with her. And she was amazing. Hats off to this woman if it was my first time she would of made me so comfortable. She was so approachable so lovely and very very good at sugaring. Fee has found an absolute star in tree.


I have been going to Sugarflick quite a few years now and can’t recommend them enough. They are very professional, very friendly, and do an amazing job, with results that last longer than traditional waxing. Regrowth is so much finer. Fee put together a Top Lip kit to use at home at the start of the pandemic and it has been a godsend to be able to have it to hand when we couldn’t have appointments for facial hair or brows.

Shirley J