How does Sugaring work?

published on December 8th 2014

Unlike shaving and hair removal creams, sugaring (similar to some waxing) removes the hair from the root.

  • sugar sticks more to the hair than the skin, therefore less uncomfortable when removed
  • excellent for sensitive skin
  • causes less irritation
  • more accurate at removing hair than many other methods due to its consistency so
  • there is less hair breakage
  • it lasts longer than other methods because we can get out the smallest of hairs and from the root
  • we are extremely skilled at all body sugaring methods

If hair snaps off at the root this can cause irritation such as ingrowing hairs, pimples, and annoying red spots because the hair will have a sharp end and then as it breaks through the surface of the skin to continue its life as a hair, it can then cause you irritation.

You will most likely find yourself scratching and aggravating your skin, making it red and most possibly infecting the area with bacteria – so why put yourself through all that?


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