I have been waxed for years so I only need 10 mins !

published on December 8th 2014

Most likely not the case!

Firstly it will take you a few mins to complete our consultation form and secondly, we do not wax!  We are so often compared to waxing, so let’s get this straight! It is very unlikely that a waxing salon has used our techniques, and one thing is for certain, they won’t have used our product.  A fast job is often a bad job as hair will snap if someone is rushing. We do not rush you and our feedback will back this up.

It may be a case of “we have to fix a previous bad job” or send you away because you have come in too soon as the hair is still under the skin because it has snapped off or it’s just not ready yet.  We recommend at least 4 weeks plus for the next appointment.

Please give the hair a chance to come through, pulling at it the minute it hits the surface with tweezers or getting a treatment too soon is not a good idea. Patience brings great long-term results.



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