Here is a list of many questions & answers that we have had over the years. Please do not feel awkward or shy to ask a question that you feel maybe trivial, if it’s important to you – then it is to us too!

We are mature approachable therapists and we keep all records and have done so since we set up Sugarflick.  Please respect us as professional therapists and note that we will report any inappropriate behaviour, even phone calls !  We ask all new clients to read as much as they can on this site as we are not your “usual” type of salon.  Thank you.


How does Sugaring work?

Unlike shaving and hair removal creams, where the hair is removed at the surface, sugaring (similar to some waxing in its method) removes the hair from the root.  Sugar sticks to your hair more than to your skin so it hurts less when it is removed and causes less irritation.  Sugaring is also more accurate at removing hair than many other methods due to its consistency so there is less hair breakage meaning it will most likely last longer than other methods.

If hair snaps off at the root this can cause irritation such as ingrowing hairs, pimples and annoying red spots because the hair will have a sharp end and then as it breaks through the surface of the skin to continue its life as a hair, it then causes you irritation. You will most likely find yourself scratching and aggravating your skin, making it red and most possibly infecting the area with bacteria – so why put yourself through all that?


I’ve been allergic to wax so why would this be any different?

Our product is natural.  It is made from sugar, water and lemon and some of our sugar pastes contain sunflower oil! That’s it, there are no additives and it doesn’t go on really hot so it does not raise your skin’s temperature, this can also cause a reaction.  When heat opens your pores, any additives in any product applied can then seep into your skin causing a reaction .  Unless you are allergic to one of our ingredients you will be fine and it is extremely unlikely that you will get a reaction.   One last point, it is water soluble so the product can easily be wiped away.

Can I go to the gym after?

We recommend that you don’t.

Aftercare is the most important part of hair removal and you are the only one who can look after yourself when you leave no 75.  We always recommended you avoid anything after a treatment that makes you sweat, for at least 24 hours, especially exercise, sunbathing or sunbeds!

We provide full aftercare by email before your appointment.  You can ask us any questions before you book if you do not find the answers here.

What are your opening hours?

Not set in stone, we are often flexible, please ask.

  • MON : closed
  • TUE: 10am – 8pm
  • WED: 8am – 8pm
  • THUR: 8am – 5pm
  • FRI: 10am – 4pm
  • SAT: 10am – 4pm
  • SUN: closed



How often do I have to come in?

This does depend on your previous method of hair removal and also which body part. We can discuss this with you when you call to book.  For example, if you are a regular female sugaring client, a Brazilian/Hollywood is normally every 4, 5, 6 or 7 weeks and for a regular male client, a sugaring back treatment is usually every 2 or 3 months, albeit, sometimes this is down to the client and their lifestyle.  What we often hear clients say is that with waxing they had to go to a salon more often.

What is your cancellation policy and do you charge for missed appointments?

Yes, so please do not get caught out and have to pay out, we recommend you read our Terms & Conditions policy here before you book. 

You can cancel 2 ways…

  • Click the cancellation link in your confirmation email (Cant make it…) This link will not work if it is less than 24 hours before your booking.
  • Call our landline 023 8063 3222 and leave a message if there is no answer – with 24 hours notice only please

Sorry, but if you miss your slot, you pay the lot if peak hours, and we will send you an invoice for the owed amount. We ask for half the treatment price if off peak hours.



I want to get waxed for charity would you do it?

No, the reason is because to get waxed in public, is usually to give the impression you are “suffering” to raise money for a charity, allowing yourself to be be ridiculed in a public arena i.e. the pub or the office.  Body sugaring is not as painful so we would not be a good choice for making you a hero.  We do give to charities of course but we just would not get involved in events such as these.

Do I have to do anything after. Have you got any creams or anything?

A very common question from some gents.  Yes we provide all this information to you in writing before your appointment we also sell after-care products such as “nice” creams!

How hairy is too hairy cos I am a yettie?

Hey! No gent has been too hairy as yet but we do like a challenge!  Please don’t feel that you are an extra for “Gorillas in the mist “.  So many gents feel they are very hirsute,  but seriously we have seen it all before, as long as we have enough time then it will all be fine.  If you have never had it done before we will always make sure there is enough time.

Will it look obvious I have had a back wax?

Because we are very skilled at blending hair it will not be obvious, no!  On areas such as your T-shirt sleeve or your collar bone we can give your hair a natural look with our “sugarballing” technique.


If I am going on holiday can I be sugared a few days before?

Yes as long as you follow our before and aftercare advice, which is sent to you by email before your appointment.

Do you only do intimate sugaring?

Please note that if it is not on the menu then we are not offering it.
We no longer offer full male body hair removal.

We no longer offer just female leg treatments, these are only available as part of a bikini package.

We have a tattoo removal therapist starting this Spring on the top floor

We have Indre the amazing sports massage therapist on Wed and Sat only,  please contact her direct

What if I get my period on the day of my appointment?

For any areas of the body this is fine & for Brazilian or Hollywood treatments no problem if you are wearing a tampon.  However if you are uncomfortable or feel you maybe too heavy on the day you come to us, please do cancel and try to not book near the time of your cycle.

All questions about the time of the month?

Time of the month, Arsenal playing at home, red flag flying, painters in, shark week, aunty flo and so many more, but jokes aside it really is not a big deal. Ok yes it can be painful if you have a treatment a few days before a period. If on the day of a period, we can still do a treatment, we wear gloves and if you wear a tampon, all good. However, we are aware that not everyone is a fan of the bleached cotton plugs, please just ask, it is a very common question and also please NEVER apologise for having a period, we are women too!

If it is the end of your cycle, the beginning or on the day, we can still do it, although not everyone is comfortable with this so please just let us know and we will reschedule your or advise you.

I’ve still got stitches after a c section?

We will not treat any area on or near stitching.

I’m going to give birth next week

Not a problem, but it is unlikely that you will be able to get into a position you could have earlier in your pregnancy.   Please do ask your GP if you are concerned and make sure you say sugar not wax !

I’m four months pregnant

No problem at all but please do let us know if you feel tea tree oil may be an issue as we use this when cleaning your skin. If you are concerned please consult your GP.

I’ve only just had a baby

We would require a letter from your GP especially if you’ve had stitching in any of the area or near the area we are to treat.

I have been waxed for years so I only need 10 mins !

Most likely not the case!

Firstly it will take you 3 or 4 mins to complete our consultation form and secondly, we do not wax!  We are so often compared to waxing, so let’s get this straight! It is very unlikely that a waxing salon has used our techniques, and one thing is for certain, they won’t have used our product.  A fast job is often a bad job as hair will snap if someone is rushing. We do not rush you and our feedback will back this up.

It maybe a case of “we have to fix a previous bad job” or send you away because you have come in too soon as the hair is still under the skin because it has snapped off or it’s just not ready yet.  We recommend at least 4 weeks plus for a next appointment.  Please give the hair a chance to come through, pulling at it the minute it hits the surface with tweezers or getting a treatment too soon is not a good idea. Patience brings great long term results.




Do you give any discounts?

Yes, when you have been with us a while you will receive a really good discount. We also offer student discount on just 5 treatments on Wednesdays and Thursdays only –  from 10am to 4pm. Please read all of the info below.

Student Discount – Wednesday and Thursday only

10% Student Discount for ladies and gents, on 5 of our treatments but only if booked between 10am and 4pm on Wednesdays or Thursdays. If you book out of the times we will charge you the extra at the time of the appointment.

Please enter “student” in the coupon box at the end of the payment process to receive 10% off one of the following.

The Swiss Pack
The Back Pack

The Solo
The Strip
The Zip


Do you provide any other services?

At Sugarflick we just sugar, that is all we do, however, upstairs you will find the lovely Indre on Wednesdays & Saturdays, a highly qualified sports massage therapist – contact her direct


Where do I park?

There is so much parking around, some is even free. We can provide detailed information by email so please email us with “parking” in the subject bar.

Would Sugarflick ever cancel or move my appointment?

Whilst we would love to say no, yes we would regretfully cancel your appointment if we are closed for snow ! we all know the UK can’t cope or if the therapist was sick and we could not get cover, however this is extremely unlikely.

We would cancel a client’s future appointment if money is owed to us for failing to pay a cancellation fee.

If booking online we may move your appointment by 15 mins dependent on bookings coming in.  We text and email you if we ever need to do this and with plenty of notice.

Can I bring my children?

Sorry but its a NO. – We have lots of hot stuff about, i.e. heaters and we have breakable shiny things too, all very attractive to some small people so please do not bring any children.

Apart from them probably becoming very bored we are not insured should anything happen to them and they may also disturb massage treatments in the building so please do arrange child care or bring someone with you who can take them to a near by park. If you miss an appointment due to being let down by childcare, we regretfully will still charge for a missed appointment and we will also charge you if you bring your children meaning we are not able to do your treatment. We are very strict on this, our work space is not suitable for children.


Do I have to pay deposit?

If you are a regular and you book by phone, then no.  If you are new or a regular and you book by the online booking system then yes, as it will ask for a payment to secure the booking.  You can use the code “sweet” at checkout, to enable the system to take half the price from your card, leaving you to pay the balance on the day.  This is also handy for many of our regulars who do not pay the full website price. Visit the booking page here.

Do you take cards?

We no longer take cards as many clients pay us by BACS, or if they book online its with Stripe

Please ask for our details if you would like to pay using online banking (BACS) We ask you pay on the morning of your appointment if doing by BACS.

Can my partner come in the treatment with me?

Yes but only if prearranged please.

Can I have it done if I am on medication?

We ask all clients to complete a consultation form which does cover medication and any Contra indications.  We may ask you to consult your GP if you are not sure & you may have a condition that may prompt you to ask certain questions.  Please ask your GP first if you have any concerns.  We have asked for a GP letter in the past as we are not brash about our service.  If we have any doubt at all we will not do a treatment.

Do I have to have an appointment or can I just pop in?

We do recommend that you make an appointment as our service is not offered anywhere else.  Most places wax!

Also please feel free to telephone on the day as we do sometimes get cancellations or people rescheduling.  We also hold a cancellation list on some days.

You can also book online

Questions over the years

Can I film it or snap chat?

We are happy for any pictures with permission first, dependent on what you want to share with the world of course ! We are on Instagram and Twitter, but we are not a “show” and as a professional business we would not be keen for our years of experience to be shared over the net for others to pick up and try, so please do ask first.

Are there some good shops in the area where I can buy …?

Yes there is an array of eclectic shops.   We are in-between a bridal shop and a chiropractor clinic.  We are very near shops who sell goods such as, health food, perfume, ladies designer clothing and not forgetting the wonderful WJ French & Sons for quality shoes and shoe fitting, they even have a cobbler.  This is the oldest Southampton family run business.  There are many cafes, bars and restaurants near by too and a Sainsburys local almost opposite.

Please visit www.lovebedfordplace.com


Can my mates come in & wait?

Yes, but only if pre-arranged with one of us, as we pride our service on its privacy and our one-to-one practice.