Can I bring my children?

published on January 1st 2015

We only permit over 18’s however if you ask in advance sometimes one of us can be present to babysit whilst you are in having your hair removal done – but this must be arranged in advance.

I have been waxed for years so I only need 10 mins !

published on December 8th 2014

Most likely not the case! Firstly it will take you a few mins to complete our consultation form and secondly, we do not wax!  We are so often compared to waxing, so let’s get this straight! It is very unlikely that a waxing salon has used our techniques, and one thing is for certain, theyRead More

If I am going on holiday can I be sugared a few days before?

published on May 15th 2017

Yes, you can but we do advise at least 2 sessions before a sunny break. Always be sure to follow our before and aftercare advice when having a brazilian or hollywood, which is sent to you by email, before your appointment.

All questions about the time of the month?

published on December 8th 2014

Time of the month, Arsenal playing at home, red flag flying, shark week, and so many more, but jokes aside it really is not a big deal. Ok yes it can be more painful if you are near a period but if you have any concerns please read this post.    

Pregnancy & a C Section

published on December 8th 2014

Not a problem if you are pregnant, but could be unlikely that you are able to get into a position needed for certain parts of your nether regions to be cleared if you near your due date. Read more here about sugaring before or after a birth