Will it look obvious I have had a back wax?

published on December 8th 2014

Because we are very skilled at blending hair it will not be obvious.  On areas such as your T-shirt sleeve or your collar bone we can give your hair a natural look with our “sugarballing” technique, blending in the area of hair to no hair.

I am a yettie can you help?

published on December 8th 2014

Please don’t feel that you are an extra for “Gorillas in the mist “. So many gents feel they are very hirsute,  but seriously we have seen it all before, as long as we have enough time then it will all be fine.  If you have never had it done before we will always makeRead More

If I am going on holiday can I be sugared a few days before?

published on May 15th 2017

Yes, you can but we do advise at least 2 sessions before a sunny break. Always be sure to follow our before and aftercare advice when having a brazilian or hollywood, which is sent to you by email, before your appointment.