Do you only do intimate sugaring?

published on November 21st 2016

Please note that if it is not on the menu then we are not offering it. From time to time, mainly in the summer, we do legs with Brazilian or Hollywood treatments, but 90% of the time it is only intimate hair removal, as this is our forte. We do now have our own productRead More

I often get ingrowing hairs will this be a better solution?

published on December 8th 2014

Good Lord yes! you will not believe how many clients mention this after sugaring. We cannot guarantee that you will never get any ingrowing hairs however many of our clients find that sugaring causes less ingrowing hair or none at all. You can read a lot more here  

How does Sugaring work?

published on December 8th 2014

Unlike shaving and hair removal creams, where the hair is removed at the surface, sugaring (similar to some waxing) removes the hair from the root. sugar sticks to your hair more than the skin, therefore less uncomfortable when removed excellent for sensitive skin causes less irritation more accurate at removing hair than many other methodsRead More

I’ve been allergic to wax so why would this be any different?

published on December 8th 2014

Our product is natural, vegan and made with British sugar, we now make all our own pastes. made from sugar, water, and lemon no additives doesn’t go on really hot water-soluble so the product can easily be wiped away does not raise your skin’s temperature, this can also cause a reaction. When heat opens yourRead More

Can I go to the gym after?

published on January 13th 2015

We always recommended you avoid anything after a treatment that makes you sweat, for at least 24 hours, especially exercise, sunbathing or sunbeds! We send you aftercare advice before your appointment, please read and follow guidelines to diminish the chance of any reaction, if any! Aftercare is the most important part of hair removal

What are your opening hours?

published on January 6th 2015

Not set in stone, we are often flexible, please ask. MON : closed TUE: 10am – 6pm WED: 10m – 8pm THUR: 10am – 8pm FRI: 10am – 4pm (some Fridays 8am opening) SAT: 9am – 4pm SUN: closed    

How often do I have to come in?

published on December 8th 2014

This does depend on your previous method of hair removal and also which body part. We can discuss this with you when book.  For example, if you are a regular female sugaring client, a Brazilian/Hollywood is normally every 4, 5, 6 or 7 weeks and for a regular male client, a sugaring back treatment isRead More

What is your cancellation policy and do you charge for missed appointments?

published on January 6th 2015

Yes we charge for any missed appointment without 24 hours notice. You can read our Terms & Conditions policy here before you book.