Do you only do intimate sugaring?

published on November 21st 2016

We only offer what is on our treatment menu. For facial hair removal, we now sell our own product, 17 years body sugaring experience has been poured into this kit.

If I am going on holiday can I be sugared a few days before?

published on May 15th 2017

Yes, but we do advise at least 2 sessions before a sunny break. Always be sure to follow our before and aftercare advice, which is sent to you by email, before your appointment.

Is your Sugaring as good as people say it is?

published on December 8th 2014

We think so, with 15 years plus experience, we feel that our many years of positive feedback speak volumes.  Of course, we are all individuals and sugaring does not suit everyone. You will simply have to try it.  One great point is that you can return to work immediately after a treatment. and you won’tRead More