Cancellation policy and bookings with us

Please try to avoid any charges

We know that sometimes things are just unavoidable, be it sickness, child care, traffic, or your car breaking down…we do understand. With this in mind, we of course appreciate lots of notice. It is a client’s responsibility to make a note of their next appointment and unfortunately we will charge you if you miss it.

  • Failing to attend an appointment at a peak time is a full charge of the treatment booked. Peak times are any time on Saturdays and after 4pm, weekdays.
  • Failing to attend an appointment at at other times, ie off peak time, the charge is half the price of the treatment booked. Off peak is weekdays between 10am and 4pm.
  • We will not honour any future booking if a fee is outstanding. We will send you an invoice if you miss a booking and if the fee is unpaid we will cancel your next appointment (s).
  • If you owe a fee we will send an invoice and all the information will be on this for you to pay.
  • If you just can’t make it and give us 24 hours notice, and you have already paid us on stripe, of course we will refund you but we charge a very small fee to cover the cost of a refund via stripe. Of course you can reschedule it with no charge.
  • If you book the wrong treatment and pay too much, please note we cannot refund you, we will credit you for your next slot, so if in any doubt please call before you book and we will advise you, but please do read the full descriptions.


  • If an appointment is booked on line but a fee is outstanding, we will spot this, we will cancel the booking and contact you by email.
  • If an appointment is booked online and you need to reschedule, we can do this for you or we can give you a one time passcode for checkout so you do not pay twice. Please call us and leave a message if you are unable to speak to a human.
  • The online booking system will send out a confirmation email when booked – remember to check your junk and your email settings.

Please keep your own record and do not delete your confirmation email or any of your reminders until after the appointment.  Please do not rely on our email reminder service, this is complimentary and may end up in your spam folder, (hotmail, outlook, live & msn beware) please write it down and or, put in your phone.

Ladies may wish to cancel because of that time of the month, read more on
our FAQ page,  What if I…

Just to confirm, we ask that you please do give us at least 24 hours notice to reschedule or cancel your appointment by…

  • Calling 023 8063 3222/07772 700232 and leaving a message if there is no answer
  • Please do not email or text to cancel or reschedule sometimes these can be missed as we get alot of texts and emails each day regarding other business
  • We are closed Sundays & Mondays our mobile is 07772 700232 and this is turned off on Sundays

Please do not try to book by email or text, this can get missed as we get so many.  Please book on line or call us, leaving a message if we do not answer. We check our phones regularly.