You could win £100 voucher for a store in the City in the 2018 Winning Winter Windows

published on December 11th 2018

Last year in the peoples vote for the Winning Winter Windows run by GoSouthampton team, Sugarflick won the peoples vote.

Our mannequin is the Snow Queen again this Christmas, her crown was made with a glue gun, God I love those things, and all of the costume from bits and pieces from charity shops.  The window is a little different this year and at certain times of night a laser lights up the reindeer, but this can only be seen when its dark, we hope you like it.

Please vote for us again this year here

Vote before the 15th December for a chance to win a  £100 voucher for your favourite store in the city.

There are many other displays in shops all around the city of #Southampton.

If you spot a sign in the window that reads; “Winning Winter Windows, we’re participating” vote
 for your favourite on the form in the link below, of course we hope 75 Bedford Place is your favourite.

Make sure to share photos of your favourite using #FindYourChristmas
you can vote here

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