Venus Awards – Fee is a Semi-finalist

published on January 18th 2016

Yes, a semi finalist, a pat on the back, finally sugaring is being recognised as a real business, a bit of a shock but a nice one at that because people said I could not do it.  Being a semi-finalist for such a great event, the Venus Awards, especially one that celebrates women in business, is a real honour.  To even get this far is a great achievement.   I say this because all my life I went from one job to another never really finding my niche and through my journey of the last decade, I look back and I smile, I smile because I DID IT, I actually stuck to something (sorry pun there).

At an older age to start up a business in an area in where waxing dominated the industry,  it was indeed a huge challenge.  I have experienced many negative comments from “your best doing that from home” and this classic “nobody has heard of it”, and here’s to another 10 years.

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