Treatment names and how they came to be

published on January 31st 2016

We always try to put some frivolity in to our text here on the website especially when it comes to treatment names.  Over the years other salons have also used our descriptions but hey that is going to happen and maybe we should be chuffed people wish to copy them but we can guarantee our names were made up by us and we hope you continue to talk about them and ask where they came from.

Here are some of them, for those that were asking…

Male Treatment Names
The Tour De Boxer came up during a BSC treatment with a cyclist earlier last summer, the name says it all really. The Silverback was also from a client who is very grey and referred to his back and chest as just that, saying “Do you get many silverbacks in here”

The Back Pack, the Swiss Pack and the Bergen are all named after back packs and the names are likened to the size or hair coverage.  The Aqua was named after the piece of equipment used in diving i.e. it just covers the lung area on a back and The Trapezius is named after the muscle group in that area and The T Shirts are self explanatory.

The Greg, after Gregory Peck…. neck of course ! showing my age now ey ! Chewy, Star Wars anyone? The Duke, is for the not very hirsute gents, and it seemed to suit.  As for the intimate hair removal treatments on the men, we will let you guess those for yourself.

Female Treatment Names
The Pits is of course underarms and The Pit Stop is when you throw yourself in to 75 and dash off again in less than 10 mins for a tidy up to avoid that nasty razor.  Afrita, after a belly dancer and Knickerboxer, after The Boxer for men but the ladies version. The Round There, well that is a polite way to say “ya crack”.

The Solo, because its left out there on all its own now when we take all the hair away, you are going solo girl! The Strip, that is all that is left, a strip of hair.  The Zip, just like a zip place one here and what is underneath would stay, and it was the best word to use for this one.

Leg combination names ie Tess, Cleo, Pippa, Bina, Rosa, Raquel etc are named after ladies we know and some famous ladies. Strictly is after the fabulous BBC’s Strictly dancers and The Mack after the mac razor !

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