The Top Lip Kit is here & will Sugarflick open again?

published on February 16th 2021

Having to close again end of December has been a bigger challenge than the Spring of 2020.

With no date to open again, I had to do something else to survive this pandemic, so I started a new company and am changing direction slightly. We can still body sugar but now we can make it in-house, as most of you know, I had a kitchen installed in November. Taking on new premises would have been business suicide with a pandemic.

Long term plan is to be able to supply other salons with sugar paste but one step at a time, let’s start with the product I have been planning for a long time. You can now buy it here

Will you still sugar?

Don’t worry we will still offer body sugaring when permitted to open again, but sadly we will not be taking on any new clients if we find more staff, yes but finding skilled sugaring practitioners is not easy. Please get in touch if you know anyone.

What is the new product?

We have called it The Top Lip Kit and it is a box containing all you need to remove unwanted facial hair, it will even remove hobbit toe hair. It is a sugar paste made from British Sugar, (sugar beet), water and lemon, that is it. Basically, it is one of the pastes we use in the salon, we can make 6 different ones but have released one for facial hair ie skin on the face is very sensitive so it has been made for this and tested. We have our cosmetic licence and it is now on now on sale.

Will there be other kits and will you sell to other salons?

Yes is the answer to both but we are not able to say when, but later this year we hope to sell a kit for ladies legs and male backs.

What is in the kit?

  • 30g glass jar of natural sugar paste
  • wooden spatulas
  • paper strips
  • a luxurious barrier powder
  • full instructions of how to use

We took months to source the powder because we wanted to use a plant-based product. This is made from rice, (no talc) and is to dab on the skin beforehand, as it will absorb any moisture.

What do you need to know?

You must NEVER MICROWAVE THIS PRODUCT, always follow the full instructions

How long will it last?

Depending on your hair type, and the amount of hair you need to remove, this pot of sugar paste will last for quite a while. If you just use it for just your top lip area you are looking at at least 10-15 applications. For many that could be more than a year. So it is unfortunately not a straightforward answer as we are all individuals. If used for top lip, chin and your hobbit toes it won’t last quite as long.

Is it natural?

Yes, the sugar paste is 100% natural, vegan, contains no chemicals or parabens. It is hand-made in Southampton from sugar, water, and lemon. The barrier powder is made from rice and comes in a recyclable aluminum tin. The boxes are made in the UK, and are fully recyclable too. Even the little bags that contain the strips and spatulas, can go in the compost bin, they are made from plants too.

How safe is it?

Be assured this is not something you buy off any old website with no safety assessment, or make at home after a tiktok video! We are fully legal and received our CPSA, (cosmetic product safety assessment), in January. We have used a company for all our testing and legal bumpf that is used by a very well known high street store. Our product is on the UK portal, we have completed our PIFF, (Product information file) which you have to have for any product you sell to the public, so be assured this product has had all the work needed to be safe to use by you at home and is fully legal and compliant.

It was also not an easy road with Brexit, cardboard shortages, staff shortages at some of the companies we have used (covid cases), and more, but we kept going, although the challenges to get something to market have been enormous. Because we wanted it all to be a planet-hugging, fully recyclable, as natural as possible, vegan product it took longer than anticipated but we got there.

If you have a tache or if your friends have a tache, or maybe just some hairy toes!
Please let them know of this great product.


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