The Ostomate

published on November 12th 2022

NB I will not be sugaring again until end of January 2023 but I would love to hear from anyone who has any questions on any of the below, feel free to reach out, happy to chat to anyone in a quandary.

Hair removal with a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy

I have put a new treatment on our menu, called “the ostomate” because …..

A temporary stoma is something I ended up with in February 2022, it saved my life, as I suffered a diverticular perforation. I became very unwell, I was in agony, and emergency surgery was the only option.

I had already been in the General 4 months earlier, and my 3rd jab was coming up but I caught covid 3 weeks before it’s due date and was admitted with covid pneumonia. I was given information regarding the possibility of bowel perforation, following a covid episode, a possibility, just a possibility it stated, but unfortunately, it did happen. I know there are thousands of people having issues with their stomachs after covid, and other things too, but the fallout is still happening.

In HDU Nov 21 – Covid nearly got m

I have been fit all my life then bang, twice in 6 months, I’m in the Southampton General Hospital and on 6th December I was back in again for a Hartmanns reversal and a hernia repair.

In April this year, I reached up to a shelf and felt a rip, no pain but I knew what had happened, it was the start of a hernia. Over the last 9 months, it has got bigger and bigger to the point the surgeon said, “Oh that’s impressive, we better sort that out for you”.

Did you know that hernias are extremely common after this type of surgery?

Back to hair removal if you have a stoma…A stoma can be temporary or even permanent, depending on many factors of course. Many people end up with one for reasons such as… bowel cancer, inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis), even diverticulitis, like me, or maybe an obstruction to the bowel or bladder.

You can, therefore, be rest assured that I understand any embarrassment you may feel…So please do not worry and do not hesitate to complete the contact form if you have wanted hair removal but have been way too ashamed to come in.

My fantastic staff are sugaring away at 75 but we are not taking on any new bods until the new year and whilst I recover, I have lots of time to answer any questions you may have.

ICU Feb 22 after major surgery

There is no shame in a stoma, it is not talked about enough, and there is still very much of a stigma about this issue.

It is estimated that over 13,500 people in the UK undergo stoma surgery every year, but despite this, it’s not something that is talked about much in general conversation – and many of us aren’t even sure what a stoma is.

Adele Roberts has inspired me to come out about the stoma that I called “woopi”, yes, people give them names. As Adele says in this article, “I owed the NHS my life” yes girl I hear you, she calls her Stoma Audrey! read more here

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  1. Helinka Carr says:

    This is a brilliant blog, you will inspire many with your honesty.
    Adele has been a great advocate towards getting the message out there about life with a stoma or ostomy. More so being young with a bowel cancer.

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