When you book online

published on May 17th 2016

Before you book we ask you please read this post.

We are happy to give you a refund if you change your mind or make a mistake, but ! please note we may charge a small admin fee to refund

  • please check you have put in the correct email address and phone number as your confirmation is sent by email within minutes of any booking
  • please do check your spam, the email comes from “”
  • refunds can be given as long as you give us at least 24 hours notice (we will never charge you if we make a mistake)
  • if you need a refund this is not automatic, we do this manually after receiving an email notification of a cancellation
  • if you come in for a treatment but have recently shaved please note the hair MUST be at least 1cm for leg and back treatments and the length of a grain of rice for any intimate areas. If we have to turn you away because the hair is too short it is unlikely you will receive a refund.

We use Stripe, similar to paypal, as our gateway for all payments as it allows us to manage all our own payments and offers extremely secure processing.

Happy to book! please go ahead we look forward to meeting you:)

A handy code for securing a booking without paying it all upfront…

Entering the code “sweet” enables our system to take just half upfront leaving you to pay the balance on the day.  We felt this was the best way for any new client to secure a booking and also for all our loyal regulars who do not pay the online price. NB we no longer take cards.


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