When is a wax a bad job?

published on May 29th 2017

Having recently met a young lady who had experienced what she described as a hideous treatment, I felt the need to get down some text about bad jobs. There are some fantastic salons out there but sadly there are a few not so good ones.  What would you deem as “bad”? I would have badRead More

When you book online

published on May 17th 2016

Before you book we ask you please read this post. We are happy to give you a refund if you change your mind or make a mistake, but ! please note we may charge a small admin fee to refund please check you have put in the correct email address and phone number as yourRead More

online booking

published on March 30th 2016

After a few months of giving my lovely web design team a migraine, I think we are finally there. Hurrah! We asked our clients, our family and our friends and we listened. We worked hard at a solution which is now ready to go live. And feel we have finally found the online booking andRead More

Sugarflick reached the finals at the Venus Awards

published on February 29th 2016

I am so pleased to have reached the finals for the 2016 Venus Awards.  A big thank you to Alex and Mihaela from BAT who are the sponsors for the category Entrepreneur of the Year.  In April I will be lucky enough to attend the ceremony at the Hilton at the Ageas Bowl with myRead More

Treatment names and how they came to be

published on January 31st 2016

We always try to put some frivolity in to our text here on the website especially when it comes to treatment names.  Over the years other salons have also used our descriptions but hey that is going to happen and maybe we should be chuffed people wish to copy them but we can guarantee ourRead More

Time for a rhyme – it’s Valentine

published on February 4th 2015

Hairy backs and getting some gents in to a salon, are frequent conversations.  The most common things being said are… humiliation of going into a salon the pain being covered in spots later a total waste of time Whatever the feelings on the matter, with Valentines approaching we thought of a way to try to getRead More

Dry razors and the midwife

published on January 26th 2015

The topic of the “dry razor”  just before child birth has been a discussion of late.  After taking to a midwife the other day I felt I should mention hair removal to all of you pregnant ladies out there.  This is probably the last thing on your mind before giving birth, but if you haveRead More

Ladies, don’t scrub in the tub.

published on December 23rd 2014

Scrub some of your body but not all of it. What we mean by that is that there are some parts that really don’t need to be scrubbed. We know you want to be clean but honestly, it really can clean itself.  It’s very clever.  The human body is amazing.  What can clean itself IRead More

Men and sugar

published on May 29th 2014

Men and waxing Ever tried waxing or allowed your other half to have a go at removing your body hair?  Let’s face it “waxing” puts the fear of God into some men.  If you have a trained professional, a good product, and a clean environment then what could go wrong? There are loads of gentsRead More

Sugarflick – a personal journey

published on May 25th 2014

Sugarflick began back in 2005, and now, more than 16 years on, Sugarflick work from a fabulous premises, being a large Victorian building in Southampton’s Bedford Place, where we have been for just over 11 years. Having worked in various jobs in Southampton, London, and Paris, some being very boring some being amazing, I found myself atRead More