Ladies, don’t scrub in the tub.

published on December 23rd 2014

Scrub some of your body but not all of it. What we mean by that is that there are some parts that really don’t need to be scrubbed. We know you want to be clean but honestly, it really can clean itself.  It’s very clever.  The human body is amazing.  What can clean itself IRead More

Men and sugar

published on May 29th 2014

Men and waxing Ever tried waxing or allowed your other half to have a go at removing your body hair?  Let’s face it “waxing” puts the fear of God into some men.  If you have a trained professional, a good product, and a clean environment then what could go wrong? There are loads of gentsRead More

Sugarflick – a personal journey

published on May 25th 2014

Sugarflick began back in 2005, and now, more than 16 years on, Sugarflick work from a fabulous premises, being a large Victorian building in Southampton’s Bedford Place, where we have been for just over 11 years. Having worked in various jobs in Southampton, London, and Paris, some being very boring some being amazing, I found myself atRead More