It is never too early but it is often too late…

published on February 5th 2023

Have you got a will or a lasting power of attorney in place? No matter how fit and careful you are, you never know what is going to happen to you, I therefore very recently did a will. I did a power of attorney after the 1st time I went into hospital and a willRead More

Linktree – find all you need in one place

published on January 16th 2023

All information needed in one place Sugaring in Southampton, need to know more! We have made it easy for you to navigate where you need to go. Wish to know more about Sugaring, or our product, The Top Lip Kit all can be found in our Linktree. Find all our links such as Instagram, YouTube,Read More

Sugarflick code for 15% OBVS skin care

published on January 17th 2023

Who and what is Obvs? Organic | Biodegradable | Vegan | Sustainable | Skincare – OBVS Obvs skincare has been formulated by Sian Louise. At Sugarflick we love using their skincare products and we love that Sian is a small business like us, and Sian is from ‘ampshire. The products are extremely effective and suitable forRead More

Ingrowing hairs, is sugaring a better solution?

published on January 4th 2023

We often get asked about ingrown hairs and whether this be a better solution for them. You will not believe how many clients mention this after sugaring. We cannot guarantee that you will never get any ingrowing hairs, however many of our clients find that sugaring causes less ingrowing hair or none at all. ManyRead More

C section & pregnancy when getting a Brazilian or Hollywood

published on January 4th 2023

Sugaring pre & post birth Getting a wax before or after a baby is not an issue, but it may not be possible for you to get into a certain position, for certain parts of your nether regions to be cleared, if you are very near your due date. We advise you have a fewRead More

The Ostomate – hair removal with a stoma

published on November 12th 2022

Hair removal with a colostomy, ileostomy, or a urostomy. A stoma can be temporary or even permanent, depending on many factors of course. Bowel cancer, inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis), even diverticulitis, or maybe an obstruction to the bowel or bladder, could leave you with a stoma. On our treatment menu, youRead More

Are you tempted to have a brazilian or hollywood, but still not sure? why not try this!

published on October 6th 2022

The Beginners Brazilian Hair removal in our nether regions is still a big fear for many. Once people try sugaring they never look back but with the financial crisis and not feeling sure, we are now offering a treatment that may interest some of you slightly nervous ladies. You will not be pulling a faceRead More

Sugarflick – a personal journey

published on April 14th 2022

How did Sugarflick start? Sugarflick began in 2005 when I trained in the ancient art of sugaring in Leeds with Nagwa Stanforth. I had been sugared in Southampton when I was in my late 20’s, it was a thing done by folk in their spare room, but no salons offered it back then. I wasRead More

Ladies, don’t scrub in the tub

published on March 21st 2022

Whatever you call it, please don’t scrub it! Ladies, a good body scrub is sometimes just awesome, yes, but you do not need to scrub everything. We know you want to be clean but honestly, it really can clean itself.  It’s very clever is your downstairs – the human body is amazing. We know itRead More

Sugarflick Sugar School 2024

published on December 15th 2021

We are launching our training in 2024 Please get in touch by completing the contact form on our website, if you are interested in our training. We are soon to move premises but in our new salon we will have lots of room so watch this space and get a welcome discount to book first.Read More