On the Lash with Jade – lash treatments now available

published on May 8th 2019

What is a lash lift

A perming lotion is used to uplift and curl your natural lashes at the root, making them look longer and lifted. This is followed by a tint to darken and add shine to the lashes. You will need to be patch tested-for all the products used in this process, at least 48 hours before.

Unlike lash extensions, you are having your natural lashes professionally curled instead of adding on false ones.

Basically it is a perm for your eyelashes. The product is applied to the lashes and this changes the bonds of the lash hairs permanently, hence why they lift and stay lifted for weeks.  Over time the lifted lashes naturally shed with new ones growing back. The new lashes will have the original bonds.

A Lash Lift lasts on average 6-8 weeks but can vary from person to person.

Aftercare will be provided by email please read and keep it handy.

The images here are with a model last week. You will notice we have not touched the brows but this service can be added, please ask Jade or text us on 07772 700232.



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