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published on March 30th 2016

After a few months of giving my lovely web design team a migraine, I think we are finally there. Hurrah!

We asked our clients, our family and our friends and we listened. We worked hard at a solution which is now ready to go live. And feel we have finally found the online booking and reminder system that ticks most of the boxes.

Which boxes you may ask? The boxes on our checklist for the new system we worked from to ensure that everyone would be happy. To give you an idea of some of the points in our list:

  • clear and quick selection of service to be booked
  • easy choice of select practitioner, if preferred
  • booking with ease via showing available times during booking
  • instant email notification for confirmation
  • easy online cancellation within permitted period
  • secure and quick online payment


Via our new system, we will only ask you for what is needed to confirm your booking, no silly questions about your date of birth, your gender or where you live! You can simply choose your treatment, practitioner if you wish and your availability. You proceed to a choice of time slots and a payment process that is as quick and easy as pie. Best of all, you will do all this on our site which is now secure and will process your booking safely on our server.

a word on payment method

There are many different methods to take payments online – we chose Stripe as our gateway as it allows us to manage all our own payments and offers extremely secure processing. The advantages Stripe brings over other popular systems such as PayPal is that we can ensure a smoother booking process by keeping everything on our site. This is quick and easy for you to make your booking and we can be sure that all your data is safe in our hands.

got to cancel? ~ easy :)

Our new system will send you email notifications about your booking and include a link to cancel should you need to. As you know, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your appointment time without incurring charges. To make this clear – you will be notified of either your confirmed cancellation, or told you are too late.  Please note the system does not automatically refund you, we do this manually and it takes 5-10 days, like PayPal’s system.  Most importantly, please do be aware we may charge you a fee to cancel.


You will not need to create an account with us or remember passwords or codes. Booking will now be simple and quick, so easy you will love it.



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