Had a bad experience? well why not try a better one

published on October 25th 2020

Why sugaring at Sugarflick is a better bet!

Some folk take months or even years to pluck up the courage to have any kind of Brazilian waxing, whether it is done with sugar or wax. We have heard many horror stories, about how the product was left on and later that day ouch. Honeymoons have been ruined, no research was done but it was only twenty quid so can’t go wrong! Yeah? errr no it can go very wrong, some clients have even said they ended up in A&E.  Some ladies have been so injured the scars still show.

It is often the case that ladies will not make us aware of their past experiences until they come in and after a few minutes when they start to relax, they may well inform us of something terrible that has happened. They will leave and often write a lovely review but may miss out the bad experience, at least in any detail.

Some of you reading this may be able to relate to some of the things mentioned. However, after sugaring at Sugarflick, you’ll be over the moon and won’t quite believe that it was not at all as bad as maybe anticipated. All say that they are so glad they made the decision to try again.

We have heard it all, believe me; breaking down in tears from sheer fear, years to have the courage to book anywhere every again, mentally scarred and damaged from a horrific experience or overheard another therapist discuss their body parts or weight. This is not cricket and no wonder they were put off from a visit to anywhere else.

Ladies you are not alone.

We will look after you and we are extremely skilled, experienced and fully trained in what we do. We put you at ease, make you laugh and we do on average of 1800-2000 of these treatments every year.

Do your research if you are nervous
We love these clients because they always leave extremely happy, confident and they return. Don’t get me wrong here, there are some amazing therapists out there, wax or sugar but we recommend that you do your research first.  Read reviews of any salon you go to and of course, word of mouth helps. Ok so there may be the odd bad review, it happens, but if the majority are good and mention any particular point you fear the most and put your mind at rest, it is highly likely they are a good shout.

The majority of our clients will take 20-30 minutes if they’ve been regularly treated by us. 
We take care of you and your dignity, and when you have been 4 times, you get a nice loyalty discount from then on.

With the current situation of a recent pandemic, some folk are even more anxious of course, and we get that. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions.

As the old saying goes “if you pay cheap it may cost you dear”


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