When is a wax a bad job?

published on May 29th 2017

Having recently met a young lady who had experienced what she described as a hideous treatment, I felt the need to get down some text about bad jobs. There are some fantastic salons out there but sadly there are a few not so good ones.  What would you deem as “bad”? I would have bad hygiene at the top of my list followed by sloppy work and downright don’t give a **** . When booking in for a brazilian or hollywood, try to find out if the staff are trained to do the intimate areas, many are not.

Believe me we have heard it all and as the saying goes “putting down other peoples’ furniture does not make your own look any better” but please ! there really is no excuse for poor hygiene.

Look out for double dipping, I am sure nobody is keen to share flakes of dry skin, sweat or anything else, with the next client.  Do check gloves are worn and hopefully get a feeling they are caring and understanding, there is nothing worse than silence or someone who barely says a word, especially if it is your first time and you are nervous.  Going somewhere your friend or colleague has been is probably what most people do, I feel word of mouth counts for alot.

At Sugarflick we always chat. If you cannot get in with us we can recommend, although if you only want sugaring that is a bit more tricky.

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