Sugarflick – a personal journey

published on May 25th 2014

Sugarflick began back in 2005, and now, more than 16 years on, Sugarflick work from a fabulous premises, being a large Victorian building in Southampton’s Bedford Place, where we have been for just over 11 years.

Having worked in various jobs in Southampton, London, and Paris, some being very boring some being amazing, I found myself at a crossroads.   Where on earth was I going to go next.  I was sick of pest control, tired of insurance claims, bored of inputting data, worn out with criminal justice and fed up with office politics, inevitably I could see a career change on the horizon having discovered the wonderful world of hair removal in London.  I never knew that there was an alternative to wax…sugar!

Having been spoilt living in the big city I felt my home town needed a sugaring place too so with bags all packed I moved back to Southampton to have a bash at starting something in my home town.

After a lot of research I found there was still no such place able to do a decent female Brazilian at least nothing close to my experiences in London. Also no place seemed to welcome men, a gap in the market maybe!

In 2005 after encouragement from Sean and Simon in Soho, I found myself in Leeds with Nagwa Stanforth, learning the ancient art of sugaring. I immediately got working in Simon’s salon in London and I went for it…

It was not so easy at the beginning to launch a new service in such a competitive industry.  Not many people had heard of sugaring and I was not established.  Not many people believed in me either but this just kept me fighting to make it happen and had it not been for one believer Prisca Schmarsow, I do not think I would be where I am today.

In the early years I had no front window, no marketing, no big signs, I was just stuck in a back room trying to grow.  Prisca was my window and with her fantastic web design and experience, I started to get noticed.   My website is definitely a major factor in the ongoing success of Sugarflick.

My good friend Simon Murphy of Urban Wellbing in Soho,  thought up the name Sugarflick and it is with much sadness that he passed away in July last year.  I am forever grateful for his positive attitude and support, we miss him dearly.

It took at least 4 years to really get going, having have worked in gyms, hair salons and rented rooms in various buildings around town I ended up at 75 Bedford Place.   Sugarflick have been at 75 Bedford Place for 3 years on 10th Jan 2015.   Now with other practitioners, I believe 75 Bedford Place to be the most perfect location, with its eclectic shops and lots and lots of parking – some is even free! Yay!

A huge thank you, respect and appreciation goes to Prisca Schmarsow of Eyedea Studio, and also a huge thank you to Simon, Cameron, and Sean & Tracy in Soho, Emmaline, Kelly and all our lovely clients, heres to another 10 years.

Update _ Jan 2019
Now in our 8th year at 75 Bedford Place – for the 8 year giveaway competition !Here is a clue….”I started working with a different crack problem”


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  1. Helen Graham says:

    Fabulous place! Here’s to another 10 years !! Helen

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