Win Top Lip Kits, beauty products from Liberty Advent Calendar and …

published on October 29th 2021

In December 2018 we raised £580 for the wonderful charity Abby’s Heroes Prizes are…. 5 Top Lip Kits 1 product a day from the Liberty Advent Calendar  – over £840 of products in total 5 Sugarflick vouchers for any hair removal treatment over £35 for 2022, broke after Christmas! this will come in handy.Read More

Online booking closed until further notice

published on June 22nd 2021

Update: we have now closed our books for new clients.   ************************************************************* Online booking live from Thursday 1st July. Regulars/VIP’s – you won’t need a code as you already get a loyalty discount. We encourage all who have already seen us this year, to book direct with us at their appointment or call/email for theirRead More

Period! – Shark week and other terms for time of the month

published on June 20th 2021

Time of the month, Arsenal playing at home, red flag flying, painters in, shark week, aunty flo and so many more, but jokes aside it really is not a big deal. Ok yes, it can be painful if you have a treatment a few days before a period. If on the day of a period,Read More

Online booking opens soon and do you get a discount

published on June 12th 2021

Discount codes If you have been this year already, are a VIP or a regular, then please note that some of the online prices may not be what you pay.  If you book online please use your code at checkout, if you receive a reward price from us. It is with regret that we areRead More

Hear us on the So So Show – Southampton’s Radio Podcast

published on May 14th 2021

We were lucky to be featured on Southampton’s So So Show You can hear us chatting to Zoe about how Sugarflick came to be and how our new product for ladies’ facial hair removal was born. “Nearly 20 years of getting up when most of us are still fast asleep is not everyone’s choice ofRead More

The Top Lip Kit is here & will Sugarflick open again?

published on February 16th 2021

Having to close again end of December has been a bigger challenge than the Spring of 2020. With no date to open again, I had to do something else to survive this pandemic, so I started a new company and am changing direction slightly. We can still body sugar but now we can make itRead More

Had a bad experience? well why not try a better one

published on October 25th 2020

Why sugaring at Sugarflick is a better bet! Some folk take months or even years to pluck up the courage to have any kind of #brazilianwaxing, whether it is done with sugar or wax. We have heard many horror stories, how the product was left on and later that night, got on to their partner,Read More

Is sugaring better for ingrowing hair issues?

published on October 23rd 2020

Good Lord yes! you will not believe how many clients mention this after sugaring. We cannot guarantee that you will never get any ingrowing hairs, however many of our clients find that sugaring causes less ingrowing hair or none at all. We work very hard to get all the hairs out, we are very thorough,Read More

Your first hollywood or brazilian with us, a few questions answered

published on October 25th 2020

You’re very first visit to us for a Strip (Brazilian) or Solo (Hollywood) sugaring treatment will cost you £43. You may well find a salon that will only charge you £20-£30 but know this… we sugar with Britsh sugar made for us by hand – (next year we start making our own) we use high-qualityRead More

Discounts on our web price on Hollywood or Brazilians, only when you…

published on October 5th 2020

That’s right! you pay £35 for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc for our Solo (Hollywood) or strip (Brazilian) treatments. We offer the £8 discount on our 2 most popular treatments. These are the Solo (Hollywood) and Strip (Brazilian). Online our price for newbies is £43, this is “The Madonna” treatment. It is for a fullRead More