Out & Brow’d

published on June 19th 2024

SMPU, Microblading, lash lift & tint plus lash extensions – all now available with Tess. Unfortunately, you cannot book this online as you need to have a test patch. Why not have a test patch with us when you come in for your brazilian, just give us the heads up and we can allow anRead More

Leg hair, how short is too short

published on May 16th 2024

How short can the hair be? If you have been regularly waxing or sugaring it can be quite short for a treatment with us, but if a shaver, especially if your first time, we recommend the hair length to be at least 1.5 cms. Now is as good a time as any if you planRead More

Male backs and chests

published on May 18th 2024

Off on holiday soon? know this… This was this gent’s first time, 5 minutes after we finished. You will see it is slightly pink so we recommend you have it at least 3 days before a trip. Let your skin calm down if it is your very first time. You may be fine and barelyRead More

How to avoid losing money or your slot

published on April 28th 2024

Please do not lose money because of traffic! Cruise ships are in today 4th May, & all weekend, so this will add to traffic chaos and if you miss your slot unfortunately we cannot refund you or credit your membership allocation. Please do not get stuck in this, it is bad enough already with allRead More

Under 18’s, basically, it is “no”

published on April 23rd 2024

We do now and then get asked to remove hair from people under 18 ie more than just the bikini area, and the answer is a straight NO. This is because no insurance will cover any therapist, so please do not ask, it is 18 and over, and even with a parent or guardian present,Read More

Sugarflick move

published on March 25th 2024

Update Mon 17th June We are still here at 75 … We are waiting for the solicitors of the new premises to come back to my solicitor and answer his concerns & questions. In the meantime, the estate agents kindly allow me to have keys now and then to go in with tradesmen etc. TodayRead More

40% off when you are a model

published on February 21st 2024

Discounted treatments when you are a model – we now have all our models for March but we will do more training soon, so please sign up to be a model or just come back to our site another day. You will receive 40% off the website price when you are a model. This helpsRead More

A good hair length

published on May 20th 2023

Please do not waste your money and book in when the hair is just too short! We love a client who turns up having understood the importance of hair length, everyone is happy and so is your downstairs! This is hair here (bikini) is way too short plus you can see from all the shavingRead More

Don’t let roadworks in the city cost you dear!

published on February 6th 2024

Allow more time than usual from now until the summer if driving, taxi or bus, or you may miss your appointment, lose your money or worse case scenario, have to find another salon. God forbid, we do not wish anyone to have to find a new place for a Hollywood or Brazilian? so please doRead More

Ditching the razor

published on November 19th 2023

The Top Lip Kit is a home facial hair removal product suitable for sensitive skin. Want to break that shaving cycle? You can with this kit and a little patience! Is it for you? If you are a person who simply just cannot, no way you just cannot let it grow, it all just hasRead More