About Sugarflick

Experts in Brazilian & Hollywood waxing all using the natural product of sugar, for all genders.

Brazilian & Hollywood treatments are what we do every day, using sugar paste – now in our 18th year Sugarflick is the go-to place for Brazilian & Hollywood waxing, in Southampton, Hampshire, using sugar paste.

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We beat everyone on expertise, quality & standards. We are all about people & comfort, we do not rush you, judge you, or embarrass you, you will be back, we guarantee it! We know how to make your skin smooth & sweet without any of the pain or irritation that comes with traditional hair removal methods, such as waxing.

Have you ever been somewhere that specialised in just one thing, or somewhere that just did not offer a very good service?

Sugarflick, 75 Bedford Place in Southampton, do Brazilian and Hollywood treatments all day long using our own sugar paste, water-soluble, made from natural ingredients. We believe it’s much better for you, your skin, and the environment. The sugar used to make our paste is not processed with bone char so it’s totally vegan and always has been. Our sugar pastes are fully certified and licensed.

We have excellent lighting so we can see all we need to, to give you a top-notch service.  You will experience a lot of banter, and meet staff that are all round good eggs.

Our certificates are on our wall so you can see that we know what we are doing, that we are insured, and that you are in safe hands. You can read through many years of feedback on our site, some of this may help give you peace of mind.  We also have many years of feedback on Google maps.

Our Philosophy

At Sugarflick we treat you as an individual and not a number.  We are fully aware that some clients may be very shy or nervous about having a Brazilian or Hollywood wax, and we will not rush you.

We believe in giving our clients the best Brazilian or Hollywood possible, with the least discomfort. We have seen clients with stoma bags, amputations & gender reassignment, plus more, so please do not be embarrassed, we have met all sorts of folks over the years. We are not just out of college (no offence we know we all have to start somewhere) but Sugarflick is run by mature women with a wealth of life experience.

We hope that you will find our premises clean & professional whilst experiencing your appointment as very private.  We ask you to read the email we send you carefully when you first book with us, so you understand our setup and most importantly, how to look after your skin, after a treatment.

What you can expect from us

Hygiene, standards and our environment

Many of our clients comment on our treatment rooms’ cleanliness and tranquility. You can even have a peek on Google maps where you can see inside some of our studio.

We are different from the usual Brazilian waxing salons you may have been to. You will experience both comfort and privacy at Sugarflick. You will leave laughing not crying.


We have received some of the loveliest feedback over the years, both on our website & google maps
We treat all clients as individuals, and you will experience a high standard of service at Sugarflick. We often hear of people being so traumatised by the experience they were put off for years. After a treatment with us, they ask themselves, “What was the fuss all about”.

We are very experienced, trained, and fully insured for all intimate hair removal and spend 99% of our time doing Brazilian & Hollywood treatments (all with sugar) We sometimes offer legs or full bodies but we mail out when we can offer this or put on our social media channels.

We have trained for intimate hair removal for men and women, with Axiom in Basingstoke, so we are Axiom certified.  Under Habia’s National Occupational Standards, Axiom were the first provider in the UK to offer certificated training in the advanced technique of male intimate hair removal. Habia is the standard-setting body for the hair, beauty, nails, and spa industries.

How we began

There did not seem to be any places that welcomed men or offered really good body sugaring for all genders. It seemed to be all waxing, some places did not have a great press, so it was time to put sugaring on the map and Sugarflick was started in 2005.

Sugarflick was set up to fill that gap in the market.  We began in a tiny room within a hair salon.  We have also worked from gyms and other premises but we just kept growing and needed more space.

We are now very settled in our Victorian house in Bedford Place, Southampton, where we have been able to keep growing. We are now in our 11th year at no 75.

We have very high standards at Sugarflick and we do not think you will be disappointed. During the lockdown, we bought the recipe for the sugar pastes that we have been using for more than 15 years.

We are now fully licensed to sell to the public and launched our first product in 2021 that is available to purchase  We hope to soon offer other kits for ladies’ underarms, legs, and male backs.