Brazilian/Hollywood waxing with sugar, Southampton UK

So sorry but our books are now closed for 2023, complete the contact form to be a client in 2024.

Struggling with top lip hair or a spikey chin, regrowth from a shave or perhaps you have overdone it with the tweezers? Fear not we now have made our very own salon in a box – and it works.

Buy a top lip kit here – with FREE postage, available to all in the UK. An easy-to-use home kit for ladies for unwanted facial hair. All all-natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals, all the perfect solution for anyone who wants hair-free skin with no redness or rash. So why wait? Try our home hair removal kit today & experience the difference for yourself!

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More about Sugarflick – Hollywood/Brazilians for all genders

Brazilian & Hollywood treatments are what we do every day, using sugar paste – now in our 18th year

Sugarflick is the go-to place for Brazilian & Hollywood waxing, in Southampton, Hampshire, using sugar paste. (books open again in early 2024 for new clients)

We beat everyone on expertise, quality & standards. We are all about people & comfort, we do not rush you, judge you, or embarrass you, you will be back, we guarantee it! We know how to make your skin smooth & sweet without any of the pain or irritation that comes with traditional hair removal methods, such as waxing.

Our environment

We are totally different from the usual Brazilian waxing salon & you will experience both comfort & privacy at 75. You will leave laughing, not crying.

Excellent customer service with feedback going back over 15 years.

We have received some of the loveliest feedback over the years, both on our website & google maps 

We treat all clients as individuals, and you will experience a high standard of service at Sugarflick. We often hear of people being so traumatised by the experience they were put off for years. After a treatment with us, they ask themselves, “What was the fuss all about”.

We take pride in our treatments & customer service, read our feedback if you need to be rest assured.