intimate-sugaring-specialistsWax sticks but sugar flicks!

We are a professional body hair removal service specialising in intimate hair removal treatments for all genders.  We use the natural product of sugar, similar to waxing & great for sensitive skin ! Established in 2005, with many years of feedback.

Running from a Victorian house in Southampton’s Bedford Place, Sugarflick provide an environment of both privacy and comfort. We are the only service this side of London that offer these particular treatments with sugar, kinder to your skin, and nobody else has our products.  Our sugaring paste is unique to us, made especially for us to suit our environment, our clients and the time of year.

We hope that if you have not yet tried our sugaring – you soon will.
Find out why we feel you should come to us ;)

Our new online booking is now available , we suggest to avoid any charges you please read this before booking, and here you will also find a handy little coupon code.  It is a quick and easy way for you to make your appointment with us.  Of course, you can still call us.

NB Although we are fully booked for a while, you may get lucky and find a spot on the online booking system sooner than you think, ie if someone cancels online.  We will be able to offer even more appointments when we recruit more staff